Visit Cardiff This Summer For A Different British Holiday

One of the best ways to have a refreshing and interesting holiday is to try a new destination where no-one ever goes and in essence off the beaten path.

When visiting the British Isles we kind of think of the bigger cities such as London, Edinburgh, Bath, Liverpool (got to see the Beatles Tour!). While being so close, holiday makers even go to Dublin. All of these cities are considered essential travel – tos. 

The city that most people overlook is Cardiff We stayed for 4 nights in a serviced apartment for 2 guests although we caould have fitted 4 in there. 

Cardiff has the best of both worlds in that it enjoys all the trappings of a capital city, but it is also very easy to travel around because of the compact size of it and the very efficient public transport system. Im not kidding about the compactness of it. I could walk from one side of the city centre to the other at a snails’ pace in 20 minutes.

This Welsh capital offers such great parks, the museums are free and because the city is still very small (360,000 inhabitants) people are still very friendly.

Highlights included : 

Cardiff Castle

The National Museum

St Fagans

Cardiff Bay


The food was an interesting experience. Such delights as seaweed rolled in oats, cockles and something called Rarebit which was a mustardy cheese on toast. Very hearty food and very traditional.

The weather was the only downside. I know I chose to visit a rainy country such as the UK, but the is the rainiest part of the country and it did not seem to stop for 4 days. So if I could recomment anything to people it would be to bring a really great raincoat and an umbrella. I asked locals if there was an upside to all the rain. The answer came and it was that it made for good grass which made for good lamb. I tried the lamb on my ;last night and I would tend to agree.


Ways To Earn While Travelling The World

The proposal of earning while travelling seems to be a mouth-watering one. And this can be easily achieved if one can think outside the traditional square. It may surprise one in terms of how tangible this goal can be.

Travel Documentary: Record Your Experiences

One can Log his/her travel experiences by using a combination of camcorder recordings, Blogs and various Social Media forums such as Twitter, and create a travel documentary of their experiences.

The quality of the production will increase its marketability to small television stations, and local media outlets. One may also get an opportunity to negotiate some significant perks from the tourist bureaus in the various countries that is promoted.


Promoting Various Tour Packages

One can research and compare various package tours including accommodation and can in turn negotiate a deal with the travel agencies based on the referred group bookings. For example, one can choose to Blog or advertise cheaply about the merits of the holiday package and offer a group discount. And being the organizer one should definitely negotiate about receiving one ticket free of cost.

A Brief Research Of The Destination

Another option could be approaching the travel agencies and offering them to research some of the destinations that these agencies recommend to their clients and give them a comprehensive report of the experience. One can provide them with a guide to the best deals available, and sell this resource to the agent or indeed multiple agents to offset one’s costs.

Research On Behalf Of The Agency

One can try getting a letter from a travel agency that authorizes one to research on their behalf. It would be easier to approach hotels and hostels once the authorization is validated. One can further offer to give them free publicity in return for accommodation and discount meals.

Being A House Sitter Might Help

Becoming a house sitter for families who are traveling at the same time as one is travelling or perhaps offer to do a house swap can help earning some whilst travelling.

According to Tim Ferris’s interesting book, The 4 Hour Week, there are various creative ways to travel the world on a very limited budget, and yet enjoy the trip in the best way possible.

There are also a number of very good Vacation Clubs which offer considerable discounts to major global resorts, especially if one is able to travel on very short notices and can have some flexibility in their plans.

These Vacation Clubs offer ample referral commissions to their members, which in many cases can more than cover the costs of even the most luxurious holidays.

It can be concluded that the plausible way is to do some research. It is wrong to assume that one needs a lot of money to travel in a fashionable way. There are thousands of people traveling the world every year, and mostly on little more than loose change and thus it’s not impossible for you.